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I had ordered over 4k worth furniture (full bedroom and living room set) from Rockville, MD Roomstore furniture on May 12, 2010. I was told 90% of the furniture is in stock for next week's delivery before I made the purchase. But after I had made the purchase, the rude manager told me that only about 50% is ready so they will deliver everything around 25th or 26th of May. For whatever reason, the manager at that store is very mean, I didn't even feel like arguing or talking with him for anything. Also, I could not get his name out to write it here either. To avoid that, I just went along with their words. Here comes May 25th going onwards all the way to first week of June, and no furniture came neither any calls to tell me what was going on.I called the store in between many times and I was told they that are very busy and will get back to me soon, but no one ever called me. Then one day, I called and told them I will stay on hold as long as needed because I need to know what is going on with my order. Then some lady who initially picks up the phone every time we call checked upon it, and told me my furniture will be ready by June 14th and delivered sometime after that. I was mad and I told her i am going to cancel my order, this is totally unacceptable. She calls me back within an hour stating everything will be delivered on June 10th. I had no choice to expedite it at that point. I had a get together organized for June 4th weekend, and I had no choice but to rent the furniture and pay $150 for that. Had I received my furniture in time, I would not have wasted $150 in renting. I took a day off on June 10th from work and stayed home as they told me the delivery time will be between 10:15-2:15 pm. May 10th comes, and it is 3:00 pm and I have not heard or seen anyone from Roomstore Delivery. There I am again calling the delivery number and upon checking they told me the driver is running late and will be there in another hour or hour and a half. Finally around 4:15 pm they show up and start delivering my furniture. Delivery guys kept on telling me to give them a big tip because I had lot of furniture. Not only that, I got scratches on furniture which I ignored having no energy to deal with them again taking it back. This gets even worse, they did not fix the knobs for my dresser, side table, and chest, and told me where they were and how will I fix them. I asked them am I supposed to do it, and they confidently said yes you are supposed to fix it yourself. I was shocked!!! I have known friends who also recently bought furniture from cheaper stores and still the store representatives had patiently fixed up the entire furniture for them. It was a shock that roomstore had a big name only and very low customer service standards.

By the time they were done putting everything in my rooms, I noticed two side tables are missing. Delivery boys said they have no idea and that is all they are delivering. They left and I called the delivery number again. I was told side tables were ready last week and somehow the order was changed (Keep in mind I was not notified of this by anyone from my roomstore or their office in general until I figured out myself). The representative did tell me that I should be getting the delivery within next week as tables are ready and status will be updated tonight. Representative also told me my roomstore should be calling me within a day to let me know the new delivery date for the tables. 3 days passed after that and I did not hear from roomstore. I called them and after being put on hold for 15 minutes by one or other department, finally my representative came on line and told me my tables should be ready by June 24th. I was told this by them on June 14th. He also told me he will call me back the very next day and give me final confirmation of my furniture delivery, and IMPORTANT to note, today is June 21st (7 days since he promised to call back) and I have not heard back from anyone. At this time, there is no point of calling either the store or the customer service or anyone else. I am sick and tired, and repenting on my purchase made with them.

Here is why I am tired:

1. First, my initial delivery was delayed two weeks.

2. Second, no one notified me of so until I called and called and finally got hold of someone

3. Third, I took a dayoff for the same as they promised to come earlier part of the day to deliver full furniture. I could have saved my dayoff as I am home by 2:30 anyways. Neither they delivered the full furniture that means next time I plan to have another dayoff per their convenience nor they actually even fixed (knobs on dresser, chest, side table) what they delivered.

4. Fourth, they did not call me about missing pieces and every time I called was given false hope and information.

5. Fifth, every time I was promised to receive a call back , never did in real. I had no choice to call myself because I had paid a big chunk of money to them for my stuff that I almost feel like begging every time I call them to hear an update.

6. They are so inconsiderate to the date (June 21st) I have not heard back from delivery or my store about the missing pieces.

I mean does it take a month and a half to prepare two side tables, or do they have to plant a tree first to start making my furniture. Is someone out there from Roomstore who can do anything for me? Also, I am already emailing the Customer Service Director's email i found here, hopefully they will help. If not, I will be listing my complaint site to site until I get fair service.

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Thanks Terri.

Everyone, I contacted Terri and she responded promptly. It seems she should be able to help me going further to take care of the issues I am having with Roomstore merchandise I purchased over a month back. I will keep you all posted here.

Soperton, Georgia, United States #156425

Thank you for contacting me via email. Please check your email for a proposed resolution. I look forward to working with you to resolve this.

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