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Where do I begin? I ordered about $7,000 worth of furniture in February 2012. It is now June of 2012 and I've received 2 bed frames and am still waiting for a sectional, a sofa and a loveseat. When the beds were delivered (3 months after I ordered them) one was cracked. They delivery crew noted it and said someone would call me to come fix it, even though I requested a new one. They never called so 2 weeks later I called them. A week later a technician came out and said, "That can't be repaired"....um yeah, I could have told him that when it was delivered. He then told me that it will take 2 to 3 weeks for the paperwork to process and then they will order it again. So, I'm guessing that will take another 3 months to deliver. So all in all it will take 8 months to get a bed frame.

Every time I call (take not that I have to call) to check on the status they give me an estimated date and then that date passes. I call again and have done this drill multiple times. They did finally tell me this week my sectional came in without the ottoman but they will give me the showroom ottoman. I asked if they would give that to me for free and they said they would knock $80 off the price. REALLY - $80.

I will NEVER shop there again.

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All of their stores are closing and they're still selling furniture that you'll never get but not telling you that very important piece of information. The put the company up for auction on 6/25/12 but knew as early as Septmber 2011 they couldn't fill many if any customer orders.

I was lucky to get my money back in December 2011 for furniture purchased in September 2011 that I never received for an order they knew they couldn't fill. I had to threaten to get a lawyer to get my money back.

If you go to their website www.theroomstore.com they have a form on there that you fill out and send in to file a claim with almost 100% guarantee you still won't get a dime of your money back. Good luck getting your money back from US Bankruptcy court.

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