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I have bought a lot of furniture from the Roomstore. I have bought two bunk beds, a bedroom set with mattress, a couch and a sectional. I kept going back because I liked the service. I had my sister and my mom go to the Roomstore to purchase furniture. I just had a high regard for them....until this week.

I purchased a couch almost 3 years ago. I also purchased the fabric protection warranty on the couch, as the salesman said it would cover anything...spills, urine, etc. With 5 kids, and a dog, I knew I would need it.

I also purchased a sectional couch a little over a year ago. I paid a lot of money for it. I also purchased the fabric protection warranty on that sectional, because it would cover anything. About 9 months ago, urine got on one of the cushions of the sectional. I called the Roomstore, and they sent someone out to get it cleaned.

I tried to call the Roomstore last week about a stain in the couch and sectional. I was on hold for 5 mins, never speaking to a representative. I hung up, as I am a teacher and don't have much time to sit on the phone. Also, I have called before, and decided to leave a message for them to call me back....which I never received a call back.

Now, this week....I called the Roomstore on Monday (we are on fall break). I spoke to someone listing my claims on the couch and sectional. The dog got cut and jumped on the couch, which left a small blood stain. He also peed on the base of the couch. On the sectional, there is a stain on the chaise, and we are unsure what it is. I get a call back after they reviewed my claims. They said that I didn't call soon enough about the stains (there is a 72 hour time frame), that they don't cover animal urine, and that if we are unsure of what the stain is, they won't cover it.

Obviously I was livid. I was told that the fabric protection would cover ANYTHING. Why would I purchase a warranty on something, that wouldn't cover the obvious things that would/could happen with children and pets in the house? The lady started yelling at me on the phone when I was getting upset. I have been a customer rep before, and I have had clients get upset with me, but I have never yelled at a customer! I told her that what she was trying to tell me, is that I should just lie the next time I make a claim, as obviously they lied to me when selling me their warranty. Lesson learned.

I am very very unhappy with the Roomstore. We have spent over $5000 at that store within the last two years. I have been lied to. I will take my business elsewhere, where the price might be higher.

Their mission statement is "We are dedicated to providing you an atmosphere where your buying experience is a pleasant one. We are committed to customer service that begins when you first enter our store, and continues after the delivery is completed. At the RoomStore, our number one principle is 'We care about our customers." Their final delivery was completed a little over a year ago, and apparently so was their customer service. And now, so is my business with them.

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We have experienced the same exact problem with Room Store. We were also told the stain protection would cover any stains and if they could not get the stain out then they would replace the piece.

So I call to place a claim to have someone come out to look at my stain which are from kids(3). They also were very rude to me and told me that I did not call in time. I told them ok my stain is now 2 days old so I could get somewhere. Then they told me they would send a cleaning kit then they would not.

I spoke to 3 people and they kept switching me over to other and no one wanted to tell me who was in charge of this department. I will eventually get to the bottom of this.

I spent $200 on this warranty. I DO NOT recommend their warranties -they are liars......

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