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On January 2 2011 I purchased a set of coffee/end tables from the Roomstore. They were delivered on January 8. All four glass inserts did not fit properly. They rocked.up and down.

January 15 they came out to redeliver another set. This time the glass did not fit into their slots.

On the 18 they were supposed to redeliver again. I didn't hear from the driver so I called.the delivery warehouse. They had me scheduled for the 22. Nothing they could do.

I called.the warehouse on Saturday the 22. Renita said they would deliver between 2pm and 6pm. At 530 I called again. Renita then tells me she made a mistake and they wouldn't be able to come.

At this point its rescheduled for the 25. I am tired ofall the hassle and tell them to cancel my purchase and pick up the tables. They will be at my house to get the tables on the 25. I explained that noone would be home until 4pm. The warehouse said they would make a note.

On the 25 I get a call from the driver to tell me he will be at my house between 1pm and 5pm. Again I explained noone would be home until 4pm and that this was notes in their system. He tried to reschedule. I called the warehouse and Jennifer got them to pick up the tables after 4pm.

Here it has been a whole month. I've been charges 3 times for the tables. I've been promised a full refund by re Rayford store manager Doug. Also received a call from my salesman Bob Herrel offering a full refund on the same day. Ive received most of my refund but am still waiting on the final 100 dollars. This is rediculous. Also I can't find any contact information for the Roomstore corporate office.

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Looks like I'm not the only one that the RoomStore as taken advantage of. How are they still in business!?!?

The store in Raleigh sold us a protection plan and never told us it was 'fabric only', and when the people in the Durham store (yes, we had to DRIVE to Durham because we lice in Charlotte, and they didn't tell us we were out of their delivery area until we paid for the couch!), So when we got the couch home, the frame was broken. After months of getting the runaround, the city manager (we'll call him Kevin) gave me money off the couch, but never told me that by accepting the discount, I took the couch AS IS, and voided the warranty that we paid for! But the manager never mentioned the as-is part, or I wouldn't have agreed. So be warned, RoomStore customers, don't accept any kind of discount on broken furniture, or they will really stick it to you.


They are such crooks!

Roomstore Corporate Office

12501 Patterson Avenue

Richmond, VA 23233-6414

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