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I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy!! It took us over 5 weeks to get our excuse after another. "O we're still waiting for the side chairs"..."they will be in Tuesday...O wait I'm sorry Friday, then we can schedule a delivery time" I'm so sick of this place I will never purchase another item from them!!!!

I must say that the sells staff was very pleasant and not pushy. However, that doesn't make up for the aftermath.

Fair warning.. if you are having a house built I would purchase the furniture the day you break ground. That way when the house is finished the furniture should arrive.

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Yes we ordered a whole house worth of furniture I go in to pay it and 1 they tell me half the furniture is on and order and 2 we can't deliver it on the day we said we could never again will I ever order anything from them


yup i agree i ordered 2 rooms worth of furniture and our order was pushed back due to a miss ordering error then pushed back due to the person processing 2 colors instead of all of it being one.. We were then told it would be another 3 to 4 weeks till they could get the right color in..We had to cancel half our order just to in hopes get the half that was setting in the warehouse.. Avoid the Roomstore!!!

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