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I am writing regarding a dispute I am having with store number 9550 at 524 S. College Road in Wilmington, NC 28403. I purchased a two-piece sectional sofa from this store on 7/16/2008. I had browsed the store a few times and had mentioned to one of the female salespersons, on this particular day, that I was moving soon and was in the market for some furniture. She mentioned in passing that occasionally people who have recently moved would receive a 20% Off coupon in the mail. I told her this was appealing to me and that it would be worthwhile for me to wait and receive the additional discount. I was then told that I should make my purchase that day in order to take advantage of the 5% off the store was offering as a special, and that if I happened to receive the coupon, I could simply return for a refund of the difference. I agreed, and made the purchase.

Sure enough, a few weeks later, I received a “20% Off Any furniture item” coupon in the mail. I returned to the store around 8/7/2008 for my refund. After speaking with Barbara at the checkout counter, I was told that her manager, Tim, would need to approve the request and that she could call me tomorrow with the results. Barbara was very nice and did call me the next day. Unfortunately her response was that the coupon applies only to 20% off my “next purchase,” despite the lack of any wording to this affect on the coupon itself. I have reviewed the coupon numerous times, and nowhere does it indicate "next purchase." I was told that the policy comes down from corporate and there was no way for the store manager to override it.

Aside from the friendliness of the employees at this store, I feel I have been blatantly lied to and I have lost trust in this organization. 20% off of a $1,000 item equals $200. Given that I wasn’t moving until 8/1/2008, I would have happily waited to purchase my sofa in order to receive the additional 20% off. Instead, I was deceived and pressured into making the purchase that day. I feel like The Roomstore is trying to cheat me out of the additional discount that was promised to me. Frankly, this is bad business. It’s sad because I truly love many of the items they carry and I am still in the market for bedroom and dining sets. I can guarantee you that I will not purchase a single item from this store again. How easy would it be for them to honor their initial promise and continue to receive my patronage? Very easy!

Attempts to sort out the issue with corporate customer service have failed. When I called their care department, they simply called the store manager and re-affirmed that they are unwilling to make good on their intentional lie. I asked for a manager but was told that they don't even handle discounts percentages over the phone and that I would have to deal with the store directly. No ownership of my problem was ever shown.

This issue is unresolved...

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Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #40404

After contacting the Corporate office, I am almost sure this has been resolved.

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