When it comes to stains, The Room Store's 5-Year Furniture Protection and Extended Warranty Plan covers visual stains only. If you have a smell that goes along with that stain, be ready for a foul surprise and some stinky customer service.

Tim, a customer service manager, reported The Room Store NEVER COVERS CLAIMS REGARDING ODORS...even if the odor is a result of an accident otherwise covered in the warranty. For example, Tim informed me pet urine may be cleaned under the warranty, but if a urine odor remains after the visual stain is removed it'll become your new "welcome home" smell as far as The Room Store is concerned. Odor simply will not be remedied, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Accidental food and beverage smell? Now you can ruminate in last month's garlic marinara stench for many months to come! Human urine or stomach fluid smell? Cozy up to the aromatic plumes of wafting urea and vomit reminiscent of truck stop bathrooms and grade school hallways after a mystery meat Friday! Did your pet get sick or urinate on your new furniture? Now you can invite friends and family over to relax in the pungent notes of dog park! All this, courtesy of The Room Store and its stinky warranty plan.

The Room Store justifies this policy through its following warranty exclusion (of which there are 18 in total): "...anything not specifically mentioned in this Protection Plan." Because the letters o-d-o-r are not specifically strung together within the text of the plan, The Room Store does not consider odor to be a coverable damage. As a result, you're likely to be left stain-free but very smelly after trying to make a claim with The Room Store. When it comes to purchasing furniture (and its warranties), you'd be well served to turn your nose up at The Room Store and make your way to one of its many competitors.

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The Roomstore Arizona is horrible! Especially the Mesa store. STAY AWAY!!!

Soperton, Georgia, United States #95904

Roomstore Arizonia is not affiliated with Roomstore the corporation

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