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I just bought an entire bedroom set from the Roomstore 2 weeks ago and this morning, the bed BROKE!!!! It BROKE!!!!! Both side rails are cracked and one broek completely through and I can not sleep on my bed until it's fixed.

I called the store and they were great, but told me I had to call customer service. I did and the girl on the phone could care less that the bed was broken. She immediately told me I had to call guardian who I have the wood warranty with. When I called guardian, they told me this furniture had a 1 year warranty on it and that it was the responsibility of the roomstore to make it right. I called back customer service and got someone else. She also didn't seem to care that after 2 weeks, my brandnew bed broke!! She set up for a technician to come out here on FRIDAY!!!! Today is MONDAY. And he isn't even coming to fix it. He is just coming to look at it to see what needs to be fixed. It will probably be almost 2 weeks before I have a bed to sleep in again.

I guess they don't care that a customer now has to either sleep on the couch for two weeks or the floor....By the way, I recently had a complete surgical repair of my Achilles tendon and I am still recovery from surgery and I could really use a bed to sleep in as sleeping is hard enough as it is. But again, I am sure they don't care. They have a bed to go home to at night. I don't understand why they can't Triage this....I mean, if the technician is going out to look at someone's coffee table, I am not saying that isn't important, but those people have a bed to sleep in and I don't.

I'm not sure I will shop at the roomstore again. It's a shame too. I just got approved for a $4800 credit line at their store and I just bought a new house and need furniture. Your loss room store.

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I agree. Roomstore is the owrst place to buy furniture from.

My bed support rails also broke within the first 6 months-they wouldn't do anything about it. Also today, my futon's locking mechanism ripped fromt he wood it is mounted on.

DO NOT BUY FROM ROOMSTORE AT ALL COSTS. Their furniture seems worse than China made stuff.


I ordered my bed room set almost 5 months ago from this store. The delivery people destroyed the furniture in my brand new home along with my brand new hardwood flooring.

They also put a hole in a wall in my brand new house. The delivery team refused to payout for the $15000 worth in damages. The delivery team never replaced the broken furniture. I have to take them to court and sue them just to get my replacement furniture which they broke in my house 5 months ago.

In addition I have to sue them for the damages. Luckily I will get pain and suffering money for all this stress. I'll make sure to take that money and spend it at value city.

Roomstore is complete waste. stay away‎

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