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The Room Store has the worst customer service I have every dealt with. They will not call you back.

They tell you when you have to be at home and if you want to change that they add an extra week to your delivery time and still will not give you an option of a time that you can be there. Forget that you just spent a boat load of money with them. They don't care, they have a "schedule to maintain" and if it does not work for you to bad.

Worst company I have ever seen. I sure wish I had spent my money somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I am completely pissed off at the the Roomstore at Superstition Springs, AZ I ordered a living room set and when it arrived, the couch and the lamps were missing. They said the couch is on back order and it would take one month for it to arrive.

They told me nothing about this in advance. the couch is being shipped from China. Its been one month now. I just called them and its going to take longer.

"It should be here by next week" they told. Ill hold my breath on that. I will NEVER buy form them again. They are the biggest scammers.

There is NO custumer service with them. Its all about the money for THEM.

Waterbury, Vermont, United States #202006

I bought a 5-yr furniture insurance from them and they denied all of the claims I have filed! I am very unhappy, and they won't give me my money back!

Don't ever buy insurance from the roomstore! or furniture for that matter!


prepare to be stonewalled by them. be prepared to be offered a reselection, even if there is nothing you would to exchange for.

prepare to by lied to in the expectation that you will not follow up and investigate a fraudulent claim made by them.

be prepared to be told that you completely misunderstood what they told you.

be prepared to have 'your file' be altered to read as though you have been unreasonable and irate.

be prepared for the them offer to replace your item. they will replace a defective item again and again, up until the warranty expires, because its less costly for them to replace 100 times than to refund.

be prepared to have in your home, a junk product once the warranty expires until you can afford to replace it at your expense.

they will attempt to wear you down, hoping to get you to give up an go away. and then when caught in a lie, they will back peddle.

i wish you luck.

Soperton, Georgia, United States #198145

I am the Director of Customer Loyalty for RoomStore. Please email me at and I will be glad to assist you.

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