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My fiance' bought a new bedroom set with an extended warranty from them 14 months ago. The side rails have started to split where they join the head board.

This is not because she or I are overweight, I weigh 180 lbs. and she 115. She has been getting the run around about replacing them because The Room Store has stopped doing business with that warranty co. By the way, this is The Room Store, in Fredericksburg, VA.

Her last attempt is to email one of the corporate, "gentlemen" with the issue. If this doesn't work, i'm stepping in. I work with online marketing, namely video's. If I have to, I will make a video, continually rename it on a weekly basis, at the minimum, so as to increase it's hits, so when someone google's The Room Store, my video pops up.

Then create it's own you tube channel, throw some things at it to increase it's hits, and wammo, constantly within the top 5 of searches for The Room Store.

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