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Although I do have all my furniture, I also have THREE service warranty agreements for which I paid $199/each.If one does not use the the warranty over the 5 year period, they may be redeemed for merchandise.

I surely don't see me ever getting any sort of reimbursement. Therefore, since I still owe a balance, why shouldn't I be allowed to simply not pay them the balance owed on my last purchase! They are out of business..why should I continue paying if they don't have too??

Can anyone guess the response to this question.Hmmm...let me see??

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Same thing happened to me when Montgomery Wards went out of business.You will not get your money back on the warranty.

I never pay for a warranty anymore because if the product isn't good enough to last awhile, I don't want it. Everyone gets hurt by stuff like this.

Sorry.And I won't be going to any closeout sales they have.


All of their stores are closing and they're still selling furniture that you'll never get but not telling you that very important piece of information.The put the company up for auction on 6/25/12 but knew as early as Septmber 2011 they couldn't fill many if any customer orders.

I was lucky to get my money back in December 2011 for furniture purchased in September 2011 that I never received for an order they knew they couldn't fill. I had to threaten to get a lawyer to get my money back.

If you go to their website they have a form on there that you fill out and send in to file a claim with almost 100% guarantee you still won't get a dime of your money back or your furniture.Good luck getting your situation resolved by these crooks.

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