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I will never buy furniture here again.I purchased a living room set from Roomstore March 1st. I chose to pick it up rather then they deliver it.

After getting it home the couch and loveseat were fine...but the console table was manufactured wrong and could not even be put together. The endtable had a chunk broken off on the corner. We called them immediately. Several times ..

said they would send someone out to look at it....meanwhile the stitching on the couch started to unravel. After a week?? We called again and they said they would again send someone out to look at it. Two weeks later a guy shows up told him where the tables were at and he i'm here to fix the couch.

After he fixed the couch he said he would look at the tables and report back to them. Give them two days and call the office. Two days later i called the office and guess log of a complaint with our tables. When i asked the man's name who came to the house that fixed the couch i was told they could not tell me.

Classified information i guess??? Again put in a complaint....had to wait another two weeks before someone could come out to look at them again! Let me just shorten this long story to say it took another month and two more deliveries to get my furniture. The second replacement delivery was also damaged.Tried to send it back with the delivery truck and the guy said they couldn't do that.

I told him i wanted it noted that the second furniture was damaged also...he wrote on his little paper...customer accepted damaged furniture....*** no i didn't accept it!! I was made to accept it. Again with the waiting two weeks to have someone look at it then report back and set up a THIRD delivery. Very inconvient to take time of from work all those days.

Customer service is a joke. Even reported them to the better buisness bureau. So i payed 3,0000 dollars cash for furniture that ended up taking over a month and a half to finally get straight!! Buyers Beware!!!

Furniture looks good but not what i expected!! Afraid to see how couch will hold up after stitching unraveled after one week! Had a leather couch from star for ten years before the stiching started to unravel.

I will never step foot inside this store again!! And if you do.....good luck!!!!

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Soperton, Georgia, United States #281407

I am the Director of Customer Loyalty for Roomstore. Please contact me in reference to your complaint.

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