Churchton, Maryland

I payed for BRAND NEW FURNITURE, I have gotten nothing but DENT AND DAMAGED FURNITURE. I ordered furniture from ROOMSTORE back in July 2010 and have had nothing but problems with them.

It is now almost December 2010 and still have not gotten undamaged furniture. Horrible Customer Service. Please beware of the warranty, read between the lines.......example I ordered a bedroom set, it was delivered and the headboard and nightstand were both damaged. The tech came out to fix the damaged furniture BECAUSE they will not replace the damaged furniture, they only repair it.

The techs repair consisted of breaking out a can of black spray paint and spraying the furniture and saying now its been repaired. My dining room hutch doors were warped, I was told it was being remade and it would take 6 to 8 weeks. I finally had to call them to find out where my hutch was and they said it was in the warehouse and that I would have to come get it. I finally got that straightened out only to find out when the service tech arrived that is was only the frame to the doors of the hutch.

I was told the hutch had to be reordered AGAIN only to find out that it was going to take another 6 to 8 weeks. I ordered my furniture in July 2010 and as of today late November 2010 I still have not received my hutch or headboard.....that I payed for. I love my furniture but I will NEVER buy from Roomstore ever again. Ever time I had a phone conversation with Customer Service all I got was "I'm so sorry and yes I completely understand and no results.

i told them I wanted to be compensated for hours on the phone with them, lost tine from work, and the pain and aggravation they have put me through........Their answer to this.....The only thing I can do is offer you a Roomstore gift laugh I have had since dealing with I really want to buy something else from Roomstore.

If anyone has found a way to get around this horrible company please let me know.

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My husband and I ordered a large sectional sofa from the Roomstore on July 11, 2011 and it's now 11-19-11 and still no sofa. They can't even provide a delivery date.

Each time we inquire about the sofa, they advise that the vendor will not provide any inforation & they simply "don't know." Really?

What kind of vendor relationship do they have? A vendor should be able to tell them, "where, what & how." It makes no sense, so we are canceling the order & will never shop there again.

Soperton, Georgia, United States #213280

I am the Director of Customer Loyalty for Roomstore. Please contact me at and I will be happy to help you with resolution.

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