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If anybody finds themselves in a bind with the Room Store do not let them send you to Corporate Receiveables. In doing this you are adding fuel to their flame. Once in it is impossible to speak to anyone who knows anything. You are treated like you are *** and inferior to them.

I have tried for a year to correct the debt I encountered with the room store by using the corporate receivable group. They will set you up on a payment plan and take your money but they are unable to or refuse to work with the room store in regards to having late fees removed or intrest stopped. In the year that I have made payments my account balance has gone up over $600.00 dollars and the credit bureau show me as being over 120+ days late on making any type of payment.

This is an unfair policy and only adding to the pressure and debt I am already facing. Going through a divorce, trying to talk to the Room Store or Corporate Receivables to help me manage is absolutely impossible. Stay away from both if you possibly can. Neither establishment is reputable as far as I am concerned. I called to day to inquire again and was patronized for being in debt in the first place. Then they proceeded to tell me if I managed my finances better this would not have happened in the first place. Well if I could report the whole lot I would and I would really like to just stop paying all together because trying to do the right thing has gotten me no where.

If you value your money do not buy anything from them.

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Never trust these people and company.I haven't got my things since July 2011.

It is more than 4 months and nobody in the main office wants to talk to me and from store in Chantilly, VA as well. They all lie lie and lie whenever I call them or go to the store.

Don't wast ur money and time.Keep ur health go somewhere else for shopping.

Muroran, Hokkaido, Japan #28121

Next bank in line...

People don't pay corporate receivables, it won't improve your credit score.

Let it go, don't believe what they say

Shahabad, Haryana, India #27830

Roomstore is trying to scam me out of $200 over a discount that they initially promised and then revoked.I called customer service and they said they don't handle discounts and that I would have to work directly with the store manager, which is the person whom with I have a dispute.

No resolution.Will not buy from again...

Seymour, Texas, United States #13815

Oopps me agasin.... it was not Betty Jean behind in payments it was


Sorry Betty Jean........... my mistake

Seymour, Texas, United States #13814

Betty Jean.......

Why did you get so far behind in your payments.Did you tkae on a larger credit burden then you could pay....oopps you did....

that is why you are behind in payments and hence your problems. I bet you are alos behind on ther items, rent, mortgage, other credit cards........... are all your utlilites paid upt tod date......

that is the problem with this country...peopel take on more debt then they can handle and then blame everyone else but themselves.

New Milford, Pennsylvania, United States #8277

Room Store CEO-Curtis C. Kimbrell HEADQUARTERS 12501 Patterson Avenue Richmond, Virginia 23233-6414 United States Phone: 804-784-7600 Fax: 804-784-7653

Home address and phone number in Richmond Directory.

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