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I Bought a Chaise, along with my living room furniture, about 1.5yrs later the Chaise was coming apart. I call the Warranty Dept, and they sent someone from US Furniture to do the repairs.

The Tech just Stretched and Stapled it back together. a few months later, it came apart, and I called the warranty dept. again. I wanted to talk to a Supervisor, since the work was not completed in a professional manner.

Left about 5 messages with Melisa.

Finally spoke to Melisa who told me that they are going to replace the entire cushion, this was back May, Spoke to Bonner(very Rude) told me that the store will call me within 48hrs. 7/27/10 we shall see if I receive a call.

Monetary Loss: $325.

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Don't hold your breath... The only call I have ever received from roomstore was them denying a claim...4 months later, still waiting on a call for broken parts. Thank God for chargebacks :)

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #174129

Its Aug 10 2010 and still no infomation about either repair of repalcing the Chaise.


On Aug 4, recieved a call for repairs between 9am to 1pm on Aug 5. Took the day off and recieved a call at 11am that the part did not arrive at the store.

I ask previously if the part was in and Bonner tald me that it was. I called customer service and was told that the part was not at the store and they would have to do some research to see were the part went. I spoke to Wendy the manager, who told me that the chaise was discontinued and should have been replace and I should recieve compensation for my time off from work. Not saying how much or when the work was going to be complete.

Wendy told me that Lorissa would be calling me back the next day to let me know what was going on with the part. The next day, I did recieve a call from Lorissa, just to tell me that they were still trying to locate the part.


I may be able to help you.. email me at

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #170416

Its 7/30/2010 and still no call. I will try to call theme, to see what lies they are going to use for not calling back.


Did you ever receive a call? I have left message after message for Joe and he can't be bothered to call back

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