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Does anyone know what I need to do to get this *** *** furniture picked up from my house. I bought the rest of my furniture from RoomsToGo and it will be he on the 31st.

I need this other half *** furniture to disappear. Of course the store here in fayetteville doesn't have a delivery team anymore..and corporate is not returning calls! The help desk is no help either. They are useless as well.

This whole leave a message thing is getting old.

Does anyone know what I need to do????? PLEASE HELP They should have saved themselves the hassle by just liquidating once they filed for bankruptcy instead of promising furniture they had no intention of selling.

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The Roomstore filed for bankruptcy in December 2011 and started closing stores oand sold the company at auction on 6/25/12. They stopped doing deliveries that same day on 6/25/12 I was told.

Good luck. I'll think you'll have to pay someone else to remove it.


RoomStores here in Maryland have recently closed their doors to the public and commenced to 'going out of business.'They're running tv commercials about massive savings. The only thing on their website is out of business & sale info.

Good Luck :?

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