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I went to room store about a year ago today to buy a dining set, because my husband and I had a good history with Roomstore, we assumed the same for this purchase. We were going to pay in full for set that day, but were told they could not hold it for three months till July 2010, so the sales-man told us to put it on lay-away.

We did so, and made our payments. In June of 2010, I went to make my final payment so we could pick up the table on time, and was told the table was discontinued and none were in stock till Sept. Furious because we were told our table would be available in July, I went to the manager, Steve, at the time. He was kind enough to try and find a store model and promise it in July.

He told me to hold off on my last payment till we came to pick up in July. On July 2, 2010 I went to pick up my table and chairs and to make the final payment. When we arrived, there was no table, only my 6 chairs. We were then told he had a new table that was a cancelled order, and would be delivered in a week.

Well we made the final payment that day thinking we would have a table in a week. I call two weeks later asking about the table, to find out that it had broken. The manager promised us another floor model and a 3 year warranty, and when the new tables came in Sept, he would replace the floor model. He kept his promise but not in the timely manner he assured.

Now that I have the table, I am now having issues with the wood; it is marked up way to easily. The varnish bubbles from any pressure put on the table, and heaven forbid you scratch the bubble, it peels right off. The table looks as if it is 5 years old, and I have had it 7 months. I can not use one portion of my table because of this issue.

I made a warranty claim on the table in early April, only to be told it was not covered under the manufacturers warranty. I am livid, I have been to Roomstore to test the same table, and it doesn't happen. It didn't happen on the floor model I had, only this table, and I have been told its my issue, that I am doing this. I have other wood pieces from other stores that are used MUCH heavier than this and they have NEVER bubbled.

I didn't pay over $1000 to have a crappy looking wood finish on my dining set. We all work too hard in this day and age, our dollars are valuable. Now appears I wasted a good amount of money on this table, because it will need replacing much sooner than table that was of better quality. I won't be doing business with Roomstore again!

Their customer loyalty failed to keep my high regard. It appears they did "cut corners" this time.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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