I bought furniture for my daughter from Northpoint

blvd; Baltimore 21224 store on June 23, 2008

and the furniture didn't arrive till July 24, 2008.

But this much delay never mentioned by the sales

woman. Also, my credit card was charged on June 23rd and I was paying interest on the goods not

delivered by the RoomStore. Most of the good

companies hit the credit card company the day

actually they ship it to the customer. Unfortunately, when the furniture arrived, it didn't

fit my daughter's living room and they have to

take it back. Because the store policy to charge

the customer restocking fee I lost 10%. Also,

another $100 delivery charges lost. So, you

don't save at RoomStore, you lose money.

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Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #45999

@ Roscoe

I like you.

I love how people screw up and place the blame on others... never on themselves. Like the Roomstore had to have known that the couch was going to fit in a room that they're never seen or measured. It's the buyers responsibility. He deserves that $ penalty and more.


Did you ever think about measuring the couches as well as the room to see if it would fit? Did you receive any documentation or recipt that idicates the amount of time your item should take?

Did you contact the delivery service and inquire as to the delay? Have you ever taken responsibility for what you purchase?

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