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To Whom It May Concern:

On April 29, 2010 I went into The Room Store located at 3539 W. Northern Ave, in Phoenix, AZ. I was approached by sales associate Michelle, I told her that I was just looking around, I was interested in a living room suite. She showed me around and I found a set that I was kind of interested in. I told her that I wanted to go home and talk to my husband. She told me that in order to get the sales price I had to leave a deposit. I again explained to her that I was just looking, she assured me that I was under no obligation to purchase, that the deposit would just hold the set at the sale price. I put 10% down. She then told me that I would want the warranty on the furniture. She told me that it was only $59.00 and that it covered everything, pet soil, kid soil, blood, kool aid…. She told me that it didn't matter what stain if any was put on the furniture that it was covered. I gave her my debt card for the 10% down and told her that if she didn't hear back from me that my husband said no, and that I wasn't interested in the furniture, and I wanted the 10% put back on my card.

The next day, I received a phone call from the room store telling me that my furniture was ready to be picked up. I was confused because I never called back, my husband had said no we were not going to get the furniture. I went to the store, to see what was going on, I was told to go to the back for the guys to load my furniture. I asked to talk to a manager, and was told again that my furniture was in the back. I drove around to the back, the guys loaded the furniture told me to sign a receipt,gave me two bottles of cleaner told me to use it on any stain that might get on the furniture, and went back inside.

I drove home angrier than ***, not only had I NOT called Michelle back, my debt card had been charged without my permission, I now had furniture that I didn't want. I took it home and left it wrapped in the plastic for over two weeks. I didn't know what I was going to do with the furniture, I had an unauthorized charge on my card, Michelle had went ahead with the sale without my permission. My husband was pissed because the furniture had been purchased when we had both agreed that we were not going to purchase it at this time.

Three weeks had passed, I decided to get rid of my old furniture, and put the new furniture in my formal living room. A couple of days later I received a phone call from The Room Store, I was asked if I had picked up the furniture, I told them that I had, I was then informed that I had not paid for the furniture, I explained to the representative that I was under the impression that Michelle had ran my card without my permission and that I had been called to pick up the furniture. I was told that I needed to pay for the furniture or that criminal charges were going to be filed against me. I was furious. I told her I would drive the 60 miles back to the store to see what was going on. She told me to hang on that she had to talk to the store manager. She came back and said that it was okay with him if I came into the store instead of giving her my card over the phone. How dare they? I had done nothing wrong and now they were accusing me of stealing?????

On the drive to the store, the more I thought about the entire situation the angrier I got. I went into the store just to look, gave them my debt card number for a deposit only, was called to pick up furniture that I didn't want, then I was called and accused of stealing from the store. When I got to the store I demanded to talk to a manager. I told him what had taken place, he could not of cared less. I told him that I wanted to be reimbursed for gas for the drive to repay for the furniture. He only gave me $50.00 off of my purchase. I decided then that I would never shop at the room store again.

This furniture is sitting in my formal living room, it is not used, due to the furniture being off white, It will be used for entertaining only. Last week my female dog went in heat, she got into my living room, and jumped on the sofa's getting blood on them, I immediately used the cleaning solution given to me on the stain, the blood came right out, but the area was now bleached from the chemical.

On Tuesday November 23rd, I called the room store and talked to Rose, in the warranty department, I told her what had happened. She wanted to know exactly where the stains were, how big they were, and on what cushions. I told her, I also told her over and over that I had used the cleaning solution given to me by the Room Store, and that the area was bleached whiter than the other areas. She told me that someone would call me within 24 hours.

Today is November 29, 2010, I finally received a call from the Room Store, Elizabeth had called and left a message on my phone, I called her back and left a message for her to return my call. She called back, and informed me that after reviewing my file my claim had been denied, I was stunned. She told me that my sofa's only needed a cleaning. Really????? She can make that decision without seeing my furniture? She told me that the stains were not covered under the warranty. I told her that I wanted to talk to her manager, she transferred me to Cynthia's voice mail. I left a message for her to call me back. Seven hours later, I received a voice mail on my phone, Cynthia had left a message that after reviewing my claim it had been denied. Again, my claim was being denied without explanation. I called back, again Elizabeth answered the phone. She was rude and hateful, she informed me that she had transferred my call to her supervisor this morning. I told her that I was calling her supervisor back, I asked why my claim had been denied, I told her again that the solution bleached my furniture, she called me a liar, she told me that she had my claim in front of her and it didn't state anywhere about the cleaner bleaching my furniture. I told her to talk to Rose, better yet listen to the recorded call, she will hear for herself that I mentioned it to Rose over and over that I used the cleaning solution to clean the stain. Maria started yelling at me that I never mentioned anything about the solution this morning, that everything that I told her this morning was what was on the report. I tried to explain to her that I had no idea what Rose had put on the report because I hadn't seen the report. I do have witness's that know for a fact that I mentioned over and over to Rose that the cleaning solution had bleached my furniture. Maria hung up on me. I called back and a man answered the phone, I told him that I wanted to talk to Cynthia , he transferred me to her voice mail. I left a message that there had to be a communication problem, I wasn't understanding how my claim could be denied and to please call me back asap. I left this message at 4:30pm.

I am furious at how I have been treated. How can anyone make a decision on warranty issue without sending someone out to look at the furniture in person, or sending someone out to take pictures? I looked up the room store online, its amazing the consumer complaints that are listed. Apparently I am not the only customer who has been scammed, or taken on this same issue. I am not willing to take not covered as an answer. I purchased a warranty for this furniture, the chemical that I was given by the room store bleached my couches. I want someone to come out to my house and look at the bleached areas, and I want the couches to be covered by the warranty that I unwillingly purchased when the furniture was charged to my account without my permission. I expect to hear back from the Room Store Corporate office regarding this matter. I have every right to have this furniture covered by the warranty.

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I noticed you listed our corporate address as a contact for Roomstore. We are not affiliated with the RoomStores in Arizonia.

I can however offer a contact email for that organization.

We are responsible for stores in Pa, Md, NC, SC, DC and Maryland.

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