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We ordered 4 rooms of furniture 9 months ago with their premium warranty. Upon delivery the couch was broken.

I called the warranty co and it took them a month to fix the problem and ordered new cushions. It took 7 phone calls and two trips to the store to receive the cushions 8 months later. The arms of the couch and chair are broken and we were given a reselect for a new set. It took 3 weeks for the paperwork to be "processed" and after approved it too 2 weeks for us to receive any action.

After choosing our new set we were told the reselect was only for the couch and had to pay an extra $600 for the other couch. After several hours on the phone, that was resolved but we were told we still had to pay the difference of $75 and another delivery fee. Our master bed is broken and nothing has been done about fixing it since making a complaint 3 months ago and one of the dinning room chairs is also broken. They are falsely advertising their company as superior customer service and superior quality furniture, that is completely untrue.

After reading serval reviews, I found this is a fairly common problem with this company. The company recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and we were not told this. They have failed to meet their standard of customer service on several occasions and I believe they should be investigated for contract fraud. In my opinion they are in breach of contract and we should have our credit account with HSBC forgiven and they need to take their furniture back.

This is the complaint I sent to the BBB.

After they were contacted they said I would have to pay ANOTHER delivery fee. I dont freaking think so.

They say in their commercials they have "superior customer service and quality products", this is completely false and should have a full investigation on their business practices. If this is not resolved soon I will be contacting a lawyer and HSBC, their financing company about the complaint and pending lawsuit.

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