I bought a bedroom suite from The Room Store in Hagerstown Maryland. I had always heard about The Room Store and when we got one in Hagerstown I went right away.

I thought all the furniture was beautiful...little did I know!!!! This is a place where they make everything pretty and shiny but it is junk!!!! I got my bedroom and the first thing I noticed was the stickers that said made in Thailand. I thought oh well I am sure it will be OK.

Well I was so wrong. First the door on the night stand had to be fixed and then the dresser had to be replaced because the top bowed up and popped out. Because I had not payed for delivery I had to take a day off from work and return it...they would not come and get it and bring me a new one. And then the veneer finish started to peel off..they fix it.

And then...are you ready for this? The doors on the new dresser would not close and the other door on the night stand won't close,the veneer is coming off the head board again, the support rail is splitting on the bed and the dresser has to be replaced again because it is bowed again. I want my money back and I want them to come back and get this nightmare!!! They told me they don't give refunds after 48 hours,but I could return it get something else.

WHY WOULD I WANT to get more trash. Even the guy that came out to fix it said"This is all junk". Please save yourself the head ache and stay away from the room store.

I am still waiting to hear from a manager to call me and never did. I have been reading the other complaints on here and it looks like I am in for bumpy ride.And they say they don't cut corners they cut prices...give me a break.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I bought a table there a few months ago, it had a little bump on it that we didn't notice when it was delivered but it was our 2nd table from them since the first one had a huge gash in the middle of it when they delivered that one. We said, "oh well, its just a little bump" and we covered it with placemats.

Well the other day, I went to wash the place mat and noticed a hole in the table. We have wood termites that are eating the table away and I have hardwood floors, wood cabinets, wood baseboard, etc... I called and they said that they would send a letter out but will not tell me what the letter says.

I am so mad, I will never, ever, ever shop there ever again!! :(


The one in myrtle beach sc sucks too. We just bought a bed and it was great in the store.

When it got here it felt like I was on the floor.I woke up and it felt like my back was out and I was miserable. They said give it time... Well I'm still in pain. They said no returns or refunds only exchanges or store credit.

The problem was I hate that store and don't want credit. The better business bureau should get rid of them. Tey don't even have a satisfaction gaurentee.

The lady said we don't do exchanges or anything for compfort, only manufature problems. They suck!

K'anak'erravan, Yerevan, Armenia #259157

My wife and I spent close to $30,000 furnishing a complete house from the Room Store in Goodyear.

All except one dining chair was delivered the next day.

The salesperson from whom we bought the furniture was honest and strsightforward about what she thought was good quality.

The delivery guys were amazing. They brought the furniture in, unpacked it, assembled it where necessary, cleaned everything up and even vacuumed when they had finished.

That was nearly four years ago and we have had not a single problem with any piece we bought.

Should we need to purchase any more furniture we will definitely go back there.

Fort Pierce, Florida, United States #257607

I know your pain. Just posted a complaint about Roomstore but the couch we purchased has a tag claiming American Made furniture.

Apparently Roomstore's buyers are not very knowledgeable and can't tell the difference between good and crappy merchandise. :(


They will lie to you the cheat you out of your hard earn money! They made a mistake with my purchase and wouldn't fix it, who does business like that?


The room store will tell you anything to get you to buy, but they do not back up their words! They made a mistake on my loan and would not fix it, cost me hundreds.

They don't care about you once they have your money. Your money is much better spent elsewhere!!!


We purchases a sectional and ottoman from the Roomstore. Delivery team was given wrong piece and so we arranged second delivery for 2 days later (only agreed because we were going to refuse and purchase from another store).

2 days later what I thought was correct piece was delivered with broken foot....Delivery team said oh yeah this is broken and they've tried to fix at least one time. Called the manager at the store, and he indicated he would get something Wednesday.

Wednesday comes and goes and delivery not scheduled for Friday...well we realize the reason he told us Wednesday is because it is 3rd delivery date and we can no longer return and are stuck with piece of *** that is broken. I called corporate office and "waiting to hear back" DO NOT BUY FROM ROOOMSTORE - NIGHTMARE!


I was planning on going to a roomstore to buy a master bedroom set. While trying to find directions (and yes room store employee Derrr in Arizona)I can read--This is when I came across this websight.

To this point, I had nothing positive or negative to say. But then you read (what is obviously a bunch of employees writing comments to help boost their commission $$$). Articulating in this fashion, that it is clearly fake (real customers dont articulate themselves in that way) makes me, as a consumer, wonder what is being hidden? Will I end up like these people?

Do I want to take that chance?

Or should I just go somewhere that people are not pissed off nor anything is hidden.

Terri Jobe seams to wnat to help. But why take that chance with the other employees.

Going elsewhere----


I purchased a new Den set from the Room Store in Waldorf in April 2010. I was told it would take 2 weeks to get the sofa.

I'm hosing my Family Reunion on the weekend of 19 Jun and wanted to upgrade my furnitue. With the reunion only four days away, I still don't have a sofa.

On Saturday, I will be taking as many Family members who are willing to the Room Store in Waldorf, MD so we can sit on MY SOFA. I'll bring the Barbaque; but i hope they'll provide a big screen television and restroom facilities.


I will not standby and allow the few customers who have had bad experiences with their purchase sully the good name of roomstore. I have over the the past few years made many purchases from them, and so has my family and we have had a few little hiccups, but all in all they were favorably resolved and the furniture has served us well. Maybe its karma :grin .


first of all, room store arizona is a different company than the roomstore on the east coast. second, all of that information regarding your delivery, like anything else that you buy and have to pick up or have delivered, is on your paperwork.

if you can read then you should be aware when you buy it that they will not pick your furniture up for you if its damaged.

so stop slandering the roomstore and learn your ABCs. :)


I have a lovely couch and love seat that I purchased from The Roomstore here in Mesa Arizona, 9 years later and a very good professional cleaning once a year and my furniture still looks show-room new. I am thinking of purchasing a new suit, simply because I want a change.

Soperton, Georgia, United States #101388

I am sorry you are having a bad experience with your recent purchase. Please contact me so I can assist you. I can be contacted at tjobe@roomstore.com

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