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I bought a living room set and kitchen table from the roomstore. with the warranty on couches.

The thing is a piece of junk! It has teared apart on all seams and ripped seams on cushions. the service technician, who took a month to show up, said in his report that it was abused. NOT true as a matter of fact we moved it into the basement that no one goes down too, because it was falling apart so easily.

they do not honor the warranty for the stain guard and they do not make quality furniture. I will never buy from them again!

customer service was awful! We will be taking them to small claims court because nails are poking out and springs as well.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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We bought a couch with chaise and one of its cushions went pancake flat within a week. Naturally, we contacted RoomStore, and it took a week to get someone out to evaluate the condition of the couch.

When he came, he was not going to check either the structural integrity of the couch or the condition of the springs until i politely suggested it would ease my mind for him to do so. Ten minutes later, I received a diagnosis of "I guess you got a bad piece of foam in your cushion," and was told a replacement would be sent to my house within 4 weeks.

Four weeks later when the cushion had not arrived, my wife called RoomStore, where she was told by one CSR that the order had been entered incorrectly, and by a second CSR that it had not been entered incorrectly and should arrive within 6 weeks. Once it (allegedly) arrives, we are to call again and someone will be sent out to repair the cushion within 4 (more) weeks.

So, best case scenario, we're looking at 10 weeks to repair a factory defect that presented itself and was reported within 1 week of delivery. Meanwhile, the warranty on the sofa is tick, tick, ticking away. Clearly, RoomStore, contrary to your commercial, you DO cut corners when you cut prices.

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