Cashion, Arizona

We orignally placed an order for about $9,000.00 wort offurniture and accessories, some in stock and some on special order. The stock store merchandise was delivered dirty and damaged.

We refused acceptance and demanded a refund of prior-to delivery payment. Part of a 4 piece leather sofa group (3 pieces) were deivered instead of the whole grouping and was told th fourth piece was on it's way. When fourth piece arrived, weeks later, it was not even te same grade of leather or even the same color of the other 3 pieces. We refused the fourt piece and told drivers to take all four pieces outof our house.

We cancelled all other items on order. Store said we couldn't cancel special order items and we told them we would not only see them in court, but would be outside their store picketing andscaring away potetial customers from eve entering the store.

They relented and issued us full refund of all items purchased - all $9000.00. If you are *** enougth to shop at The Roomstore after reading this and all the other complaints written, then you deserve to get screwed!

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