My name is Jack Reed. I purchased funiture for my new apartment from the RoomStore in Avondale AZ.

I purchased a sectional, end table, sofa table, dinningroom table and chairs, a bed, bedside table, dresser and a chest of drawers. I was not sure if all the bedroom funiture would fit and was reluctant to purchase it all. The Roomstore salesman told me to buy it and try it. He assured me if it did not fit to call him within 3 days of purchase and he would have it picked up and refund my money.

I called within 24 hours to let him know the dresser did not fit in my bedroom. He said he would arrange to have it picked up. I did not hear from him for a few days. I called the Room Store and was told it was beyond the 3 day return limit and that I could not return the dresser.

I asked to talk to the store manager. The store manager told me the same story. I told him I had called and talked with the salesman within 24 hours of the purchase. The store manager told me that the saleman no longer worked for the store and that I could not return the dresser.

I told him the salesman worked for the roomstore when he told me that he would arrange for pick up of the dresser. I will never buy from the Roomstore again.

Was unable to find any listing online that would allow me to make a complaint above the store manager level.

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I did receive a call back from the store manager who seemed to be concerned about my problems-----we'll see where this goes.

I also received a call back from the customer service manager who told me that since the parts are already ordered there is nothing she can do ----again it will be eight more weeks until they arrive.

She followed that up with this smug reply "it is hard for me to believe that your couch has three broken recliners at the same time."

Guess what einstein------ IT IS HARD FOR ME TO BELIEVE TOO!


I bought a three piece couch at the end of last summer from The RS in Mesa, Arizona. The Superstition Springs store.

Three of the recliners are currently broken. Been waiting for one to be fixed since June and the other two since the beginning of July. I just found out today that the parts won't even be here until the last week in September. I have contacted service and requested their manager call me----even the store and asked for the manager to call me.

I have received no return calls to date-----three months! I will NEVER shop at their store again....PERIOD!


These complaints do not surprise me at all!

I purchased a box spring & mattress a couple years ago. The mattress sagged in the middle, after a short period.

They sent out someone to inspect it and sure enough they picked up the mattress and advised me I had to come in within 3 days. Wow, what a leway. They had discontinued my mattress (I wonder why)& of course, tnothing else with the same prce. I picked out a better mattress, paid the difference and within a short time, the same thing happened.

I'm 125 lbs, no reason this should have happened the first time, let alone twice. Told them I did not want another mattress, they refused to let me trade it for anything else. I spoke to everyone in that store and it was not easy getting the manager on the phone.

Don't remember his name any longer, how he got his job and keeps it, is beyond me. Needless to say I threw away a couple thousand dollars but will never, never buy a thing from the Roomstore, again!!!

Newstead, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #308659

i bought furniture from the roomstore and after 4 months it is falling apart they have tried to fix it several times and it is still not fixed the furniture is junk

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