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My husband and I have been waiting to get our loveseat fixed for MONTHS, we purchased the insurance for this, and only after a month the loveseat snapped in the middle. They refuse to fix our end tables.

In the meantime, we have a can of sweet peas holding up the middle of our loveseat, ***, I don't even notice it anymore, being that it has been there so LONG. Think it is time to see my attorney about this. The dang furniture was damaged when we got it, but the spots were small and hidden, so we didnt even complain, and they cannot even come fix what is broke after we paid for a 4 year warranty??? WTH?

If you wish to get quality furniture, I advise you NOT to purchase from the roomstore!! Also, I was getting up from my sofa and heard the wood inside CRACK....why report that? They won't even fix what has been reported, I do not have an hour to sit on the phone to wait to speak to someone, and then wait 2 months for a technician that cannot even fix the problem.....The Roomstore is nothing but a freaking joke. I do believe I could get better quality furniture from Walmart or the Goodwill.

Our furniture was purchased in Tyler, Tx. Don't shop there!!!

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We bought a bedroom set from them and now a handle broke and they didn't tell me they had discontined my furniture. And we had gotten 3 year warranty on it. I waited 7 months for a handle and now they were suppose to replace my furniture and today they call and say that it was a curtisy that that had sent wrong handle warranty didn't cover it and now they offered me 25.00 and have nightstand as is.

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