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We are without furniture now.

Delivery guys brought a wet sofa, destroyed banister, destroyed blinds, broke pictures, and tried to intimidate me to sign "No damages to home, and furniture in good condition". The delivery guys did not want to take sofa back, I had to get angry and DEMAND they take it back.

Store tells me the soonest I can get a new sofa is another week and a half, December 22 hopefully. They I have have to wait until at least Tuesday before refund. Do not buy from RoomStore.

So if I want a sofa for the holidays I have to buy another sofa and hope for a refund.

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I'm getting readyto buy a bedroom and livingroon set..Guess i wont be going to the room store..Thanks for the info in here



Credit and thanks go out to Wendy for getting my refund issued, Thank you Terri for wanting to get involved with this, too bad the local folks at the store can't - won't take charge and get this straightened out. THEY lost the customer for the Room Store.

Had Elliott (store manager) put the effort into resolving the problems, RS might still have a customer.

Thanks Terri for getting someone to contact me about the damage.

RommStore needs to train - retrain the folks in the stores about customer service.

Soperton, Georgia, United States #95215

I am the Director of Customer Loyalty. Please email me and I will be happy to check on your account.


Well it's Tuesday, no refund yet. Called customer service, first rep (didn't get name) said I will have to wait 30days, I asked for a supervisor, (Melissa) said same thing, had to wait 30days, asked for her supervisor, (Wendy) after doing some research said my account should be credited today or Wednesday.

We will see.

I gave all the reps the same information, so SOMEBODY is either not very smart, or lied to me. I will update Wednesday.


id demand a refund and for damages no offense they messed up your home and tried to give you a wet sofa id be going for more than a refund

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