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I purchased close too a $2000,00 Dining Room Set from the Glen Burnie , Ritchie Hwy, Maryland Roomstore in August 2010. To be delivered in October.

The chair leg was cracked , the table leafs (2) were cracked and the latches could not be locked as they were not aligned, they were about 4 inches apart.But, The delivery man who put my furniture together reached easily underneath the table and demonstrated too me how easy it was to flip the latch and lock the table leafs into place. This cost me $149.99 to deliver and to set up! After he left.I guess this barely non-English speaking person and his 3 helpers who spoke no English at all, and who looked to him to answer my questions for them, he must have looked at me and thought she's 62 and female so she couldn't possible have any intelligence . I bet he laughed himself in English all the way to his truck.

I get furious when I recall that moment, knowing he knew because he was under the table and knew what he saw. That night I was looking at the hutch and I notice I could see a white strip across the seam of the trim at the top of the hutch I thought I was seeing white paint. I than figured it out! I was seeing my dining room ceiling through a crack across the top seam of the hutch.

The next day I called Roomstore and they order me a new chair leg to be sent to me . The repairman would come when the chair leg arrived. About a month later the repairman came,fixed the chair, could not fix the table he said he would order a new one, which he never did. He said he could fix the crack in the hutch, but he had to go his truck first to get the materials.

Now, 62 year old me thought he was getting maybe wood filler, black paint, to do the repair. He came back ,he got on the ladder , finished the repair in less than 2 minutes. He left. I wanted to see what he did to repair it in 2 minutes ,so I got on the ladder and looked, this highly qualified furniture Roomstore Repairman had place a 6" piece of black Electrical Tape over the crack.

I was furious,and in disbelief. I do not have the words to express that there is no one out there to protect the consumer (immediately) and not the 6 months it took me to get my money back, I had to threaten a civil suit, notifying the Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau , and that I would also go on the internet to The Roomstore Complaint Site to add my complaint to it's list. They did try to keep $149.99 for the delivery of furniture, but I told them I was not paying for the damage furniture that you delivered to me. Than they told me I had the furniture too long, and that they were charging me this lesser fee for delivery instead of the more expensive fee of the restocking fee!

I told them that was because they created every delay , not me! The customer service was horrible, they kept telling me someone would call me back, never did. They told me they ordered a new hutch but it would take 2 more months to come in , when it came in , they set up a delivery date, 9 AM.., at 8:30 AM I get a phone call and they tell me this Hutch is also damaged too, and they would order another and it would take another 2 moths to arrive.This would take it to a 8 month wait. The manager of the Glen Burnie , Md .

Roomstore never returned my calls.When I would call back the person that answered I talked to said he didn't call you back, but I gave him your message.Once , in the beginning when it was almost 2 weeks before he returned my call, he told me He had a family situation and that's why he didn't call me and he apologized for this delay. The Customer Service people acted very surprised and in disbelief that the Repairman fixed the repair with black electrical tape, and that he had not reordered the new table to replace the one with the two damaged leafs.They thought all was fine after his visit. The stress for this 6 months was inhumane for any customer, this store manager told me he would compensate me for my many inconveniences, this never happened! By the way I did tell him that was not why I was calling this imaginary compensation was at his insistence, he said it was the least he could do!Again , it never happened.

After this he would not come to the phone anymore to speak with me. Finally they agreed to give me my money back and came to get the furniture, because I told them it had already been 6 months and I could not wait 2 more months. When I got my money back it was short $149.99. I called and was told this was for delivery fees and set up fees..

I threatened I would file a civil suit, immediately! I called Customer Loyalty and they said they couldn't help me, that this was not their area, but they would email the Glen Burnie, Maryland store and inform them that I was filing a Civil Suit the next day, which I really intended to do. I figured they could tell a Judge all their reason for the damaged furniture and all the delays, I especially wanted to hear them explain to a judge why it was necessary to do the hutch repair with the Electrical Tape and not a wood filler. By the way, I kept the piece o f black tape as evidence, I also took pictures of the needed repairs on each piece of furniture, just in case I had a problem.

Unexpectedly one hour after I talked to Customer Loyalty I received a phone call from the Roomstore financial department and they told me they would be returning the $149.99 to me immediately. I was in disbelief. My nightmare was over as soon as I made sure I received my money back and that their check cleared the bank. I feel like I really needed to vent to get this nightmare of an experience out of my system.

The sad part about this whole experience is that they had so many more items that I really wanted to purchase at a latter date.

Now, I am terrified to purchase furniture from any furniture store in my area..Someone needs to oversee these furniture stores and their practices! Someone needs to govern and penalized the furniture stores for this type of practice of not delivering what they say they will do in the contract, also , just like we are penalized by additional fees for our not living up to their contract.

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I am the Director of Customer Loyalty for Roomstore. Please contact me at tjobe@roomstore.com in reference to your complaint.

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